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27 Kislev 5779 - December 5, 2018

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Advisor Happenings

As many of you have heard, Dr. Lichtman will be stepping down as the International Director of Yachad at the end of this year. In appreciation of his 30+ years of leadership and the impact he has made on the wider Jewish community, we as the Yachad Family want to say thank you! If Dr. Lichtman or Yachad has impacted your life, please help us celebrate Dr. Lichtman’s 30+ years of leadership and dedication in one, two or all three of the following ways: 1. Send us your pictures from over the years to be included in a photo memory book. [Pictures can be of Dr. Lichtman and/or of your Yachad experience.] 2. Write a letter to Dr. Lichtman. 3. Submit a 5-15 second video telling us what impact Dr. Lichtman and/or Yachad have had on your life. (Cell phone videos are fine!) Materials can be submitted (up until Dec. 7th) to DrLichtmanAppreciation@gmail.com.

NY Junior Yachad


Join our DOUBLE Shabbaton weekend with RPRY (Highland Park, NJ) and BCDS (Stamford, CT) on Dec 14-15.


NY Senior Yachad


Join our Shabbaton with the community in Young Israel of West Hempstead on Dec 21 – 22.


NY Rayim Yachad


Limited spots remain for male advisors on our Shabbaton in Englewood, NJ on Dec 14-15.


Toronto Yachad

Yachad Giving Day
Dec 10 12 pm – 9 pm & Dec 11 9 am – 9 pm @ the BAYT
Come on by and enjoy the activities and the food!
Contact Ari: KaronA@ou.org


Zumba Dance Class
Mondays, 6:30 – 8 pm @ the BAYT
Pizza and salad dinner included.
Contact Sarah Cole: ColeS@ou.org


Cooking / Yoga Class
(Women Only)

Thursdays, 7 – 8:30 pm @ Prosserman JCC
Contact Sarah Cole: ColeS@ou.org

NY Advisor Tefillos at the Ohel

Join us for an Advisor Exclusive visit to the Kever (burial site) of the Rebbe from Chabad, Rav Menachem Mendel Schneerson of Lubavitch. We will hear an inspirational introduction, listen to a Pre-Asara b'Teves shiur and be led in a guided tour by Rav Shmuel Braun, a Chabad chassid and Rebbi at Yeshiva Univeristy. Meat Dinner and Transportation Provided. See attached flyer for more info. RSVP required @ www.Yachad.org/NewYork/AdvisorEvent.
Yachad Spotlight - Moshe Grossbard
Yachad Spotlight - Moshe Grossbard

Moshe Grossbard is a student in Lander College and a NY Yachad Advisor.


Avi Feder: When was your first introduction to Yachad?
Moshe Grossbard: Earlier this year, I wasn’t sure what Yachad was about. I thought it was maybe Kiruv? When someone posted in the Landers Group Chat about it, and other friends were going with me too, I decided to go on the Deal Junior Yachad Shabbaton.


Avi: What is something you are looking forward to in Yachad?
Moshe: The next time I’m able to join a Shabbaton!


Avi: What is your favorite part of Yachad programs?
Moshe: The Oneg. Everyone enjoys, and the Advisors get a chance to relax and chill.


Avi: What is your favorite Shabbos food?
Moshe: Cholent.
Avi: Alright, too many people say that – I need to know what ingredient in Cholent?
Moshe: Meat
Avi: I need more details here, what type of meat?
Moshe: You ever had Turkey Shwarma in Cholent?
Avi: Ooh, No.
Moshe: Oh, I gotta hook you up. People don’t know about it enough.
Avi: This is why I love my job 🙂


AF: How about favorite Yachad Swag item?
Moshe: Drawstring Bags. I use it a lot.


AF: What’s something we wouldn’t have known but is a hidden talent of yours?
Moshe: Um, idno, I’m gonna ask my roommate Efraim Klecky (short pause) Oh, I guess I’m not talented. Just write sports I guess. Bad roommates.


AF: Can you tell us about your personal highlight of Yachad involvement?
Moshe: After Shabbos when all the members enjoy the Melava Malka.


AF: Before we’re done, what’s one fun fact about you?
Moshe: Ok, I can give you one, but it’s complicated. My mother and all her siblings had the same expected due date for their births – June 10th, yet none of them were born on that actual due date. Then my Father married into the family and turns out – his birthday is June 10th.

Be in touch with any questions, comments or just to say hi.
Avi Feder
Director of Advisor Engagement
(212) 613-8105 / FederA@ou.org
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