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29 Adar 1 5779 - March 6, 2019

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New York Yachad

Junior Yachad

Hatzlocha Rabbah to those advisors joining our Shabbaton with Yavneh Elementary School at Ahavas Achim this weekend in Fairlawn, NJ.


Senior Yachad


Join us Next Shabbos, March 15-16 for our annual Pre-Purim Shabbaton with the Young Israel of Staten Island, one of our biggest Shabbatons of the year!


Rayim Yachad


Join us THIS SHABBOS, March 8-9 for our Shabbaton with the community at Young Israel of Great Neck.



Travel Advisory

New England Yachad is hosting their Providence* Shabbaton on April 5-6. Male advisors are invited to apply by clicking HERE.

*Round-trip transportation to and from the Shabbaton will be provided by Yachad.

Toronto Yachad

Purim Carnival
Help us run the Pre-Megillah Carnival for the BAYT youth!
Wednesday, March 20th 5:30-7:30pm @ the BAYT
Contact: KaronA@ou.org

Zumba Dance Class
Mondays, 6:30 – 8 pm @ the BAYT
Pizza and salad dinner included.
Contact: ColeS@ou.org

Cooking / Yoga Class
(Women Only)
Thursdays, 7 – 8:30 pm @ Prosserman JCC
Contact: ColeS@ou.org

Yachad Spotlight - Malki Infield

Malki Infield is a student at Touro College in Manhattan, the Girls Head Counselor at Camp Yachad Mesorah, a Coordinator for New York Yachad, works as a Manager of Advisor Outreach and most recently staffed our Yachad – Israel Free Spirit Birthright Trip*.

*Note, this interview was conducted with Malki standing next to me in the office, also playing soccer** with her fellow Yachad Israel Free Spirit Birthright Staff.

**No windows were harmed in the making of this interview, although the ball hit my desk a few times and my fish got scared 🙁

Avi Feder: When was your first introduction to Yachad?
Malki Infield: Sam Gelman told me I should come on a Shabbaton once – the weekend he was talking about was one when I didn’t have any Shabbat plans so I was like sure, why not?! I went on that shabaton (Go juniors!!) and I never looked back!

Avi: What is something you are looking forward to in Yachad?
Malki: Summer in Camp Mesorah, and also the Family Shabbaton with Yachad #ComeThrough

Avi: What does that mean?

Malki: It means they should come join.

Avi: Oh, ok, We’ll open up registration for that after Pesach.

Avi: Have you ever been to a Yachad Shabbaton outside of NY?

Malki: Does Israel count – Birthright -10 days!

Avi: Have you ever been part of Yachad Summer?

Malki: Moshava California; I had a camper and Voc members.

Avi: Have you ever run with Team Yachad?
Malki: Kinda. I signed up for the Jerusalem Marathon but then I slept in and missed the whole thing.

Avi: What is your favorite part of Yachad programs?
Malki: Circle time duh! I look forward to it all week!! And I flat out love my Chicken Nuggets. I legit eat them in the morning.

Avi: Aren’t you worried about being Flieshig all day?

Malki: Nah, I wait 3 hours. Although the other day, I ate beef jerky at 8 AM and then was Fleishig all day cuz I just are a piece every 3 hours.

Avi: What is your favorite Shabbos food?
Malki: Potato Kugel. And Chicken Soup. Note, not together. But yeah, Potato Kugel and Chicken Soup.

Avi: How about favorite Yachad Swag item?
Malki: Yachad Sweatshirt

Avi: What’s something we wouldn’t have known but is a hidden talent of yours?
Malki: I can recite the Alphabet backwards. I practiced in 8th grade – I was so bored during Hebrew class.

Avi: Can you tell us about your personal highlight of Yachad involvement?
Malki: Getting to know my members.

*Malki asked to put a heart here: <3

Avi: Before we’re done, what’s one fun fact about you?
Malki: My dad is a singer and member of Shlock Rock Band. One of the original 3 – he started it in High School with his friends!


Be in touch with any questions, comments or just to say hi.


Avi Feder
Director of Advisor Engagement
(212) 613-8105 / FederA@ou.org

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