10 Iyar 5779 - May 15, 2019

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New York Yachad
March bYachad in the Israel Day Parade March bYachad in the Israel Day Parade

March in the Israel Day Parade with the OU & it’s various agencies, including Yachad, NCSY, IFS Birthright, etc.

Sunday, June 2nd

We will be meeting in section 1W on 53rd b/w 5th and 6th Avenues at 10:40 AM. Yachad is one of the first groups to march, allowing you to meet up with / watch friends in other groups later on.

Following the Parade, we will host our Crew on a Cruise, see below.

Crew on a Cruise


Sign up now open

As a token of our appreciation to you, our Yachad Advisors, please join us for our 2nd Annual Crew on a Cruise; a Yachad Advisor exclusive sunset tour of the NY Harbor aboard a private cruise ship. Meat Dinner from NY Brat Factory will be served.

NEW DATE & TIME, June 2nd – Boarding 3 PM
After the OU Yachad March at the Israel Day Parade

3 hour sail time on the water

Program is free for all Advisors.

Skyport Marina – 2430 FDR Drive, NYC
23rd Street & the East River- local to many subway lines and buses

Click here to register!

Toronto Yachad

Cooking / Yoga Class
(Women Only)
Thursdays, 7 – 8:30 pm @ Prosserman JCC
Contact Sarah Cole: ColeS@ou.org

Thornhill Shabbaton
May 17-18 @ the BAYT
All the usual fun plus a treasure hunt! Win gift cards for referring friends!
Contact Ari Karon: KaronA@ou.org

Zumba Dance Class
Mondays, 6:30 – 8 pm @ the BAYT
Pizza and salad dinner included.
Contact Sarah Cole: ColeS@ou.org

Yachad Spotlight - Benjy Aryeh

Benjy Aryeh is a student at Yeshiva University, a self proclaimed Yachad Swag model, and a Summer Counselor / Advisor for Yachad Summer Programs and NY Yachad.

Avi Feder: What was your introduction to Yachad?
Benjy Aryeh: When I was a little boy my dad was the the youth director in our shul. Every year when Yachad had their West Hempstead Shabbaton, my family and I went to the Shabbos night meal with Yachad and I have been involved with Yachad ever since!

Avi Feder: What is the next Yachad program you are looking forward to?
Benjy Aryeh: Yad b’Yad Trip 1 in the HOUSE!

Avi Feder: Alright, so you’re on Yad bYad this summer, and the bus is gonna pull into a rest stop. You’ve got 1 chance to buy an ice cream / ices to buy, what is it?
Benjy Aryeh: One of those that have a toy inside of them. I have a whole shelf of little minions from the Despicable Me Minions ices. They haven’t released a new movie in over 2 years but for some reason the minions are still really popular in Israel.

Avi Feder: Tell us about your involvement with Yachad Summer Programs?
Benjy Aryeh: I went on Yad b’Yad after 10th grade in 2015. I worked as a fellow the next year in Camp Mesorah and then last summer I went on Yachad Getaway – which is a SICK PROGRAM so for all you guys out there sign up – and this summer I am doing Yad bYad as a counselor!

Avi Feder: Have you ever been to a Yachad Shabbaton outside of the Tri-State area?
Benjy Aryeh: I went on the Family Shabbaton is LA and Chicago this year and I did Yachad Israel last year and went to all of their shabbatons too.

Avi Feder: Have you ever run with Team Yachad?
Benjy Aryeh: Yes. Jerusalem Marathon is where it’s at! I wanted to go to the Miami marathon in 11 grade but my family was already going to Las Vegas so that didn’t work out.

Also, funny story: When I was ready to go to the pasta party for the Jerusalem marathon, there were protests in the streets of Jerusalem and it caused all of the roads to be clogged up with traffic and no cars could drive through. Because of this I knew that I was not going to be able to go to the Pasta Party. So instead of being upset about it I took out my pot and burner made my own Pasta Party in Yeshiva.

Avi: What is your favorite part of Yachad program?
Benjy Aryeh: Very Pashut, the slow shirah to close out shabbos

Avi: What is your favorite Shabbos food?
Benjy Aryeh: White Rice

Avi: How about favorite Yachad Swag item?
Benjy Aryeh: This is the toughest question to answer. I have so many different random swag items that are so cool I can’t decide between them which one is better. It’s either the YBY backpack, Jerusalem Marathon socks or the Yachad Cape, a rare collectible item.

Avi: What’s something we wouldn’t have known but is a hidden talent of yours?
Benjy Aryeh: I have very quick reflexes. If you knock something off a table with me in the vicinity, I will most likely catch it.

Avi: Can you tell us about your personal highlight of Yachad involvement?
Benjy Aryeh: Good question. There have been so many incredible moments that I have witnessed or have been a part of over my billion years of involvement with Yachad. (eats dinner while thinking over his answer for 10 minutes)
When I did YBY as a participant in 2015, we went zip lining and repelling. I remember going on the bus and wondering how we would be able to do this activity since we had 2 people in wheelchairs and this activity isn’t a wheelchair accessible activity. Well I was wrong. Anything is possible with Yachad! The workers figured out a way to tie the straps around the wheelchair and give those participants the ability to go down the zip line. Not only that but when it came time for repelling, they connected two people together so that the person in the wheel chair could also go down. It was such an incredible moment.

Avi: Before we’re done, what’s one fun fact about you?
Benjy Aryeh: I’ve got so many. Here we go:

I wear my watch on my right hand even though I am a righty.

I don’t eat chicken on the bone but I do eat boneless chicken.

I can’t stand when people spell my name with an “I”.

I love the rain.

I have picked out the past 2 couches that my family has bought.

And lastly, I am very picky when it comes to buying clothing.

Get a Job b'Yachad

Yachad has many opportunities for part time / internships & full time jobs. We have openings for summer work, and for the start of the academic year. Locations include Manhattan, Teaneck, Brooklyn, Long Island and more. If you are interested in working professionally for Yachad, please reach out.

Be sure to include your resume and if you are looking for full time, or if part time, what your availability will be.

NY Yachad Advisors WhatsApp Group

If you’re still reading down to here then you must really like hearing about Advisor Happenings, in which case we have just the thing for you! We have started a WhatsApp group (admin posting only) for NY Yachad Advisors. Text me @ 347-802-7112 with your name and Ill add you, or you join direct by clicking HERE.

Be in touch with any questions, comments or just to say hi.

Avi F.

Avi Feder
Director of Advisor Engagement
Office: 212-613-8105
Cell: 347-802-7112
Email: FederA@ou.org

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