9 Sivan 5779 - June 12, 2019

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New York Yachad
Summer Bowling League in Brooklyn

Yachad will host a bowling league for our members who don’t go to camp in the summer. We’ll bowl for 2 hours at Shell Lanes (near Gravesend, Brooklyn) every Sunday afternoon from late June till the end of August. All advisors are welcome to voluntarily join in the bowling, and we are looking for one advisor to accept a paid position running the league on site as well. Responsibilities for this onsite coordinator include: taking attendance, conflict resolution (if any arise), set up, wrap up, snack and drink ordering (on Yachad’s dime) and bringing the positive energy to ensure a good time for all!

Please contact me with your availability if you are interested in either volunteering for one / some / all of the meetings, or if you would like to apply for the paid on-site coordinator role.

Toronto Yachad

End of the year BBQ!
Sunday June 16, 5:30 pm @ Yorkhill Park
Come enjoy food, friends and a Shul of Rock concert!
Contact Ari Karon: KaronA@ou.org

Cooking / Yoga Class
(Women Only)
Thursdays, 7 – 8:30 pm @ Prosserman JCC
Contact Sarah Cole: ColeS@ou.org

Zumba Dance Class
Mondays, 6:30 – 8 pm @ the BAYT
Pizza and salad dinner included.
Contact Sarah Cole: ColeS@ou.org

Yachad Spotlight - David Zakaim

David Zakaim is student at The College of New Jersey and a Coordinator for New York Yachad’s Rayim division.

Avi Feder: What was your introduction to Yachad?
David Zakaim: Um, do I mean first event, or how I got involved?

Avi: Both.

David: Avi Kirshtein called me up and spoke to me about it back in August of 2017 and it was really cool. He was roommates with my cousin and when I was in High School he used to come to my house for Shabbos together with my cousin. He knew I was interested in Special-Ed so it was a natural fit.

Avi: What is the next Yachad program you are looking forward to?
David: Not really a Yachad event but a family from Yachad is having me fly out to Cleveland for a Bar Mitzvah so I can accompany their Yachad member child on the weekend.

Avi: What is your favorite part of Yachad program?
David: My favorite part of a Shabbaton is Shabbos afternoon when there is time to play games and really talk, see how everyone’s doing and catch up with everyone.

Avi: What is your favorite Shabbos food?
David: Cholent.

Avi: Are you Sfardi?

David: It’s a long story.

Avi: We got time…

David: Ok. So when you say Shabbos food, a lot of the food people eat on Shabbos we eat during the week too, but cholent is the only food unique to Shabbos that we don’t eat during the week.

Avi: Cool explanation, but I was asking more like Chamin vs Cholent.

David: Oh, yeah. My mom is Ashkenaz, so we have real Cholent in my house.

Avi: How about favorite Yachad Swag item?
David: Sweatshirt-Backpack-Zip up.

Avi: What’s something we wouldn’t have known but is a hidden talent of yours?
David: I was a varsity Track athlete in High School.

Avi: Can you tell us about your personal highlight of Yachad involvement?
David: On the Family Shabbaton a few weeks ago, I was watching as one of the members just walked up to a random family and began a conversation. It was really nice to watch unfold because I’ve known this member for a while now and he was the first member I spent a Shabbaton with, so it was really nice to watch another family get the opportunity to converse with him and see him meet new people.

Avi: Before we’re done, what’s one fun fact about you?
David: My English name is David but my Hebrew name is Shmuel Avraham, nothing to do with David.

Get a Job b'Yachad

Yachad has many opportunities for part time / internships & full time jobs. We have openings for summer work, and for the start of the academic year. Locations include Manhattan, Teaneck, Brooklyn, Long Island and more. If you are interested in working professionally for Yachad, please reach out.

Be sure to include your resume and if you are looking for full time, or if part time, what your availability will be.

NY Yachad Advisors WhatsApp Group

Join the NY Yachad Advisors WhatsApp group (admin posting only) to stay up to date on Advisor Happenings and hear about some exclusive opportunities which don’t get posted in this newsletter. Click HERE to join.

Be in touch with any questions, comments or just to say hi.

Avi F.

Avi Feder
Director of Advisor Engagement
Office: 212-613-8105
Cell: 347-802-7112
Email: FederA@ou.org

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Yachad is a thriving non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the needs of all Jewish individuals with disabilities and ensuring their inclusion in every aspect of Jewish life. Inclusion aims to ensure all persons with diverse abilities are able to take their rightful place in the Jewish community. We educate and advocate within the Jewish community for a pro-disability attitude.
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